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Nilavembu Kashayam

Prevent Dengue or Else Lose Happiness …

"NILAVEMBU KASHAYAM / KUDINEER" Gives Best Relief to All Type of fever, (Dengue, Swine – Flu, Viral Fevers..,), Cold, Cough, Allergic, Body Pain, Headache, Expression Head Waters, Join Pains, Hand / Leg Pain, Knee Pain and Swelling..,

How to Use?

Add 2 spoon (4-8 gms)NILAVEMBU powder with 200ml water and boil the mixer till it become (50 - 30)ml brew.
Generally herb is to water ratio is 1:4 For Viral Fevers 1:8. The kashayam should be boiled till the total water quantity in the vessel reduces to a quarter. (1/4). 3 times a day before food.

Prepared by Siddha Traditional Method With 18 Type of Rich Herbs Along with Therapy. Our Kashaya Powder is completely natural, Solution with 100% No Side Effects, No Harmful, No Chemicals, No Artificial Colors.

Ingredients of Nilavembu Kashayam
  • Nilavembu
  • Nelli
  • Kadukkai
  • Manjal
  • Vishnugaranthai
  • Parpadagam
  • Maavilanga Pattai
  • Koraikizhangu
  • Sukku
  • Melagu
  • Peypudal
  • Agil
  • Vembu
  • Kadugurogini
  • Araththai

Don't consume poor quality nilavembu powder say siddha doctors

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